Talk In The Six: Betrayal

Friday March 17th Talk In The Six #TITS recorded betrayal. It was our first time back in the studio since 2017. Through the whole session one of the characteristics that stuck out to me was that, in every instance of betrayal there was a theme of, forgiveness, confrontation of the issue whether to ourselves or the individual who perpetrated the betrayal, putting it behind us, and finally moving forward. I was really surprised to see that most everyone still had some type of communication with the person in whom betrayed them or vice versa, except in the case of Brian, where there was still some unresolved issues lingering. Lexi forgave and forgot, put it behind her and moved forward. Marcia had insight in which like myself admittedly betrayed someone else, which took strength and poise to admit in a group of 10, however the reality still remains that in life not only at some point, will we all experience some form of betrayal, but at some point be the betrayer. Stay Tuned for the episode, it’s not one you’ll want to miss!

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